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The Golden City – Book Three of The Fourth Realm Trilogy

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The epic new thriller from the bestselling author of The Traveller.

Dark River by John Twelve HawksJohn Twelve Hawks's previous novels about the mystical Travellers and the Brethren, their ruthless enemies, generated an extraordinary following around the world. In The Golden City, Twelve Hawks delivers the climax to his spellbinding epic.

Struggling to protect the legacy of his Traveller father, Gabriel faces troubling new questions and relentless threats. His brother Michael, now firmly allied with the enemy, pursues his ambition to wrest power from Nathan Boone, the calculating leader of the Brethren. And Maya, the Harlequin warrior pledged to protect Gabriel at all costs, is forced to make a choice that will change her life forever.

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The Dark River – Book Two of The Fourth Realm Trilogy

Dark River by John Twelve HawksFear stalks our lives. In the press. On the television. Over the airwaves. Across the internet. Everywhere we go, someone somewhere is always watching. Waiting for the mistake that will reveal secrets, truths, lies, the real story or what they want to believe. No longer is anonymity a given right.

We are being controlled without our knowledge and we don't appear to care. Daily we sacrifice little freedoms that will never be returned. We are all victims.

They are some who will fight to the death to protect those freedoms. They will not allow the forces of commerce and ideology to dictate their lives. They are off the grid. Gabriel Corrigan is one such man. The system doesn't like it. It says that you cannot opt out, that you have to participate. And it will do whatever it takes to return Gabriel to the fold - alive or dead. He can run but he can't hide - forever...

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The Traveller – Book One of The Fourth Realm Trilogy

The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks”The book they say is the new Da Vinci Code. Take some Orwellian undertones, add a dash of Philip Pullman and sprinkle with a few lines of Dan Brown”

“Compelling… Picture The Matrix crossed with William Gibson and you’ll have a sense of The Traveller”

“A cyber 1984… Page-turningly swift, with a cliffhanger ending”
New York Times

“The stuff that first-rate, high-tech, paranoid-schizophrenic thrillers are made of”

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